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Five women all had one thing in common: they had each been violated in the same savage way. When they looked for justice it wasn’t there, so they took the law into their own hands. Let the revenge fit the crime!

Ex Film presents: ACT OF VENGEANCE

One of the rarest titles on Australia's Palace Explosive Video label, this notorious grindhouse classic from 1974 makes its return to Australia, 32 years after it vanished from sale under its original title, Rape Squad.

This DVD edition includes an exclusive 30 minute interview with cast member Jennifer Lee-Pryor, audio commentary by Alexandra Heller-Nichols (author of Rape-Revenge: A Case Study) and Zak Hepburn (Astor Theatre, Palace Films), theatrical and home video trailers, plus an extensive 48 page booklet featuring liner notes by Alexandra Heller-Nicholas, Dean Brandum (technicolouryawn.com), Robin Bougie (Cinema Sewer) and Leon O’Regan (Ex Film), home video and theatrical art, drive-in ads, press kits, ad mats, production stills and more.

Directed by Bob Kelljan
Starring Jo-Ann Harris, Peter Brown, Jennifer Lee-Pryor, Lisa Moore, Connie Strickland, Lada Edmund Jr and Tony Young.