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DESTROY CLEVELAND is the history of the Cleveland hardcore scene told by the people who lived to tell the tale. The bands, the beer, the brawls, the blood - it's all here in DESTROY CLEVELAND!

"Destroy Cleveland covers the anti establishment do-it-yourself hardcore scene that has been burgeoning in the Cleveland underground since the 80s. This movie starts around 1987 with a group of tight-knit bands such as Confront and Outface. The singer of Confront went on to form the controversial One Life Crew while members of Outface joined bands with mainstream success such as Sepultura, Filter, and CIV. The scene darkened a few years later with bands such as Ringworm and Integrity, with apocalyptic lyrics and a more metallic sound. Many bands popped up before and after including h100s, Cider, Apartment 213, 9 Shocks Terror and more. All of these bands were ignored by the mainstream media, put out their own records, and put on their own shows. They had a no holds barred attitude that influenced shows to turn chaotic. Fireworks, mayhem and destroyed venues were the result of many shows. People from all over the world dedicated themselves to these bands and the music, thus creating a cult following. Destroy Cleveland is a movie showcasing what has never been seen before in the public eye.

Cleveland is the underdog. Boston, DC and all of these other places get to have their documentaries filled with Henry Rollins, Thurston Moore, and even Fred fuckin' Armisen. These are all extremely talented individuals but Cleveland doesn't give two shits about them. Their glitz and Hollywood appeal has nothing to do with Cleveland bands."
- director Matt Greenfield

Featuring dozens of interviews with the likes of Dwid Hellion, Tony Erba, Aaron and Lenny Melnick, James Bulloch, Tony "Chubby Fresh" Pines, Paul Schlacter, Steve Peffer and Chris Pellow; and packed with rare live footage from 9 Shocks Terror, Gordon Solie Motherfuckers, Inmates, Civilian Terrorists, Confront, Face Value, Cider, Integrity, h100's, Apartment 213, Ringworm, One Life Crew, False Hope and more.

This Australian PAL version contains an extended interview with legendary drummer Jim Konya (Schnauzer, Nunslaughter) and special Clevo-content included only on this VHS release. 3 hours!

LIMITED TO 50 COPIES! White-shell E180 cassette housed in original 1980's dead-stock clam-shell case. Full colour art by Shaun Filley (Annihilation Time, Nunslaughter, Midnight)